Monday, November 29, 2010

Talking with speech markes

“Zia Could you please get me my drink over there” said Corbin in a arguer voice.”
“No! Get it for yourself and why are you so mad?”
“Cause I lost my teddy bear I can’t find him any where mum said that we could buy another one but I don’t want another one I want Mr Fluffy Pants”
“Well where did you have it last?”
“ I was showing all my friends and I said that I’m keeping him in my bag”
“ Did you look in your bag?”
“ No”
“Well go and look in your bag I have a funny feeling that it will be in your bag”
“Stop it’s not funny I have to sleep with him or I can’t get to sleep I’m going to look in my bag for it.”

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Free writting 25/11/10

Yuck! that strawberry was so sick I just felt like I just had to eat my own chuk. Yay its one moth till x-mas. Whats ken doing? hes standing up whaching Cortney i just love saying hey Cortney can you open the window I want Caleb's nick name to be cab now ken's whaching a room 12 person come into and out of are class I feel like a spel? I don't know but I think I might stop. Yum yum yuming! that strawberry felt like the best food in the world!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Recount of my time at Riverdale School

My first day. Starting at Riverdale was fun and scary but mostly fun because of the wonderful because we got lots of cool stickers and played lots of games. I have loved being in Tee Cee's class. The thing I loved the most in Tee Cee's class is quiddage cause you got to spend money and buy thing and you got to own and run your own business and spell things. I'm sad cause I'm going to miss all my friends cause we're all going to different schools. I hope I get a nice teacher next year.