Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Writing about Quiddage 9/12/10

Quiddage that's the most cool thing about being in Qzealand. Nat my best friend and I opened a business called smoothiezzzz it was have but the hardest thing was that we had to get all the things ready like cups and fruit. Thursday I had dancing so Nat and I wouldn't talk till like 8.30 9.00 that was hard. Nat and I didn't open much we opened that 8 times but it was to much of a deal we really just wanted to spend are money.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Free writting 6/12/10

What what to write about ummmm look Lucy Brunn is getting her hair brush out now her pen lucy stop saying my name! I don't want to go swimming cause are class has to go in the morning like at 9 am but our buddy class gets to go at 2 after lunch whens its really hot I hope that we get to swim with are buddy class when its nice and hot.Ummmm what in my lunch box today! I guess I'll have to find out when I go to get my snack.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Talking with speech marks.

“Zia. Could you please get me my drink over there?” asked Corbin in a VERY mean voice.
“No! Get it for yourself and why are you so mad?”
“Cause I lost my teddy bear. I can’t find him any where. Mum said that we could buy another one but I don’t want another one. I want Mr Fluffy Pants.”
“Well where did you have it last?”
“ I was showing all my friends and I said that I’m keeping him in my bag.”
“ Did you look in your bag?”
“ No..”
“Well go and look in your bag I have a funny feeling that it will be there.”
“Stop it’s not funny.” I have to sleep with him cause I can’t sleep with out him.” I’m going to look in my bag for it.” Zia! Zia! I find Mr Fluffy Pants! I’m so happy.

Recount of athletics day.

BANG! All I can hear was people cheering me on GO KELLY! DIG IT IN! Wow! I finished I came 2ed that was a big race.
1st 2ed and 3ed line up here and you other girls all line up other there.

"Wow Britt you did well coming 1st" Kelly we still have another race to do cause we made it in to the finals I'm puffed are you?" Yer just a little bit. " Well theres the hooter on to the next one Its long jump! yes! I love long jump I can't wait!

As I'm waiting for my turn for long jump Alana was racing I cheered her on and she went so fast that she ended up coming 1st!