Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Talking with speech marks.

“Zia. Could you please get me my drink over there?” asked Corbin in a VERY mean voice.
“No! Get it for yourself and why are you so mad?”
“Cause I lost my teddy bear. I can’t find him any where. Mum said that we could buy another one but I don’t want another one. I want Mr Fluffy Pants.”
“Well where did you have it last?”
“ I was showing all my friends and I said that I’m keeping him in my bag.”
“ Did you look in your bag?”
“ No..”
“Well go and look in your bag I have a funny feeling that it will be there.”
“Stop it’s not funny.” I have to sleep with him cause I can’t sleep with out him.” I’m going to look in my bag for it.” Zia! Zia! I find Mr Fluffy Pants! I’m so happy.

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