Sunday, October 17, 2010

Writing I was going to die Prompt writting18/10/10

It was a shinning beautiful day Dad Calvin and I Kelly went down to the lido there was lots of people there. I at 8 years old always wanted to be a big kid and go into the big indoor pool so dad said yes I can so off I went going down the steps I said to myself this is just the right size for me then I stared going into the middle I stared moving more and more into the middle.Then I was in the middle but.... i din't know that just yet, I said to myself umm thats funny cause when i hoped in the pool I was on my tippy toes just a little bit now im right on the ends of my tippy toes! im in the middle! I had just a little bit of air left in my lags i started to jumping up and down to get some more air into me OMG IM GOING TO DIE! Then just about as i was going to give up this nice man must of seen me he grabbed me and took me to the steps and dad said to me it went on for about 20 sec I was just about to come and get you out I said to dad it was longer than 20sec it felt like a minute. Emma: I put you level three Kelly.

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